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Construction Law

The construction team can provide efficient representation on matters ranging from a $70M solid waste recycling facility to a $50K HVAC problem.  The construction team focuses its practice on clients including Architects, Engineers, Owners, Surveyors, Contractors, Subs, and Sureties. Our clients range from large insurance companies, and national design firms to small contractors and one man engineering firms.  This gives us a depth and range of experience few firms have.  Our lawyers have over 80 years combined experience in construction law.   We have handled several hundred disputes arising out of construction projects such as:

  • $70M solid waste recycling facility
  •  The Georgia Dome
  • Collapse of the bridge at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens
  • Interstate highway design

Every case is different, but we have probably handled a matter arising out of conditions similar to whatever comes through the door.  We are all experienced.    We have sufficient man power to properly represent any party no matter how large the case.  We have the experience to provide proper representation without spending excessive time to learn and understand the construction process creating the dispute.  We don’t over staff a matter.   We can staff a large complicated construction case very effectively.  We also handle smaller matters efficiently and economically.

Because of very low turnover, our key staff members have been with us an average of 20 plus years which helps us be efficient and economical.

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